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  • Dr. Teresa Edwards

Easy Summer Date Ideas

Summer! A time to slow down and smell the roses; to kick your shoes off and feel the grass under your feet. It's also a great time to reconnect with your spouse or partner through dates. Taking time to date is a great way to maintain your friendship and increase connection. So, here are 10 relatively cheap, fun, summer date ideas.

summer date picnic
  1. Have a faux-travel night by picking a city you'd like to visit and plan an evening, including food, music, etc, that you would experience if you were visiting that city. For example, let's say you and your partner love New Orleans and like eating at The Famous Gumbo Pot. A faux-travel night might consist of stringing some white lights on the patio, making your version of your favorite Gumbo Pot dish, and putting on some jazz. Then, just sit outside and enjoy the evening, pretending to be in New Orleans.

  2. Catch an outdoor concert by a local concert band or jazz band. Many times, summer concerts are free. Just bring a blanket or chairs and enjoy!

  3. Visit a Saturday morning farmer's market and stock up on locally grown, organic produce. You can follow this by making a great brunch together with the produce you bring home.

  4. Buy some kites, or remote controlled helicopters, and spend the afternoon in the country or in a park. Take a blanket, pack a picnic, and make a day of it.

  5. Take a day trip to a small town you've never visited or a local historic site you've never seen. Grab some snacks, some good music, and hit the road. Check out some local shops and small diners to get the full flavor of the town. Driving a section of the original Route 66 is one of my favorite day trips (or two day trip). I love the clickety-clack sound of the original Portland Concrete as the car moves down the road.

  6. Explore the local botanical garden and pick out flowers or plants that you'd like in your garden at home.

  7. Go to a bookstore, like Barnes & Noble, and visit their travel section. Grab a cup of coffee and plan the ideal dream vacation. After you plan, you could always do a faux-travel date if you don't want to wait for the trip.

  8. Put up a hammock in the back yard, watch the clouds, and listen to the birds. If it's super-hot outside, set up a sprinkler or a misting fan to keep you cool.

  9. Have a water balloon fight. We all loved these when we were little. There's no reason why we can't still love them as adults! It's a fun way to break up a hot summer afternoon.

  10. Go berry picking. Find a berry farm that allows you to pick your own berries. Pick several pounds of berries and make a pie or homemade preserves.

I hope these suggestions encourage you to be creative and come up with your own summer date ideas!

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