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  • Dr. Teresa Edwards

Cool Winter Date Ideas

Welcome winter! Winter brings to mind Jack Frost, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and warm fires. Winter is the perfect time to break up boredom by planning some adventure for date nights. My husband, Chris, and I wanted to share some of our winter date night ideas with you.

winter date ideas for couples

1. Movie night outside.

If you have access to a chimenea, or a fire pit, put it to good use! Grab a couple of lawn chairs, a fluffy blanket, and your tablet to watch a movie outside on a cold winter night by a warm fire. Make a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee, grab some cookies, and enjoy the evening.

2. Go ice skating.

A lot of towns, including Tulsa, create ice skating rinks for the winter months. This can be a fun experience for couples and a great way to create memories. This could also become a winter tradition that couples could look forward to every year to break up the monotony of winter.

3. The "memory trip" date.

Take advantage of the cold, wintry weather and curl up by the fire and have a "memory trip" date. A memory trip date can be a lot of fun and a great way to remember past adventures. Grab you photo albums or pull up digital photos and relive your favorite memories together. Some couples even turn this into a memory journal experience by writing a timeline of past trips and their fondest memories of those trips.

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