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Marriage Counseling

Marriage can be challenging at times and most couples have their fair share of issues to navigate.  Nevertheless, your marriage is one of the most important relationships you will ever have and is worth your investment of time and effort. 


Marriage counseling can be a great asset to help couples navigate the challenges of marriage. Some of the topics and issues commonly addressed in marriage counseling include:

  • creating positive changes to strengthen or rebuild the marital friendship

  • working through past hurts and disappointments

  • learning healthy communication and conflict resolution skills

  • discussing relationship expectations

  • negotiating relational boundaries

  • managing life transitions

  • healing from betrayal

Dr. Edwards uses The Gottman Method, based on 50 years of research, to teach couples necessary relationship skills while monitoring progress, mediating conflict, and giving objective feedback.  Marriage counseling can help couples increase intimacy, affection, and respect; manage conflict discussions; improve communication; and overcome conflict gridlock. 


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